Ana María Moix, passion for words

Co-production of Playfiction with TV3

Ana discrete, vital, versatile, mordant … her writing has left us an artistic and intellectual legacy of indisputable relevance. From it we were captivated, mainly, the complicity that was established from understanding, commonly, the contemporary creation as a brilliant and critical word, the look open to the street, as well as the interior, the more introspective for more personal. In this documentary we wanted above all to give prominence to his word, to make tangible -corporate- his narrative and his poetry, and to make effective the voice of his critical, social, protest and cultural positioning. We have approached Ana, too, through the witnesses of the people who accompanied her: family members, friends, the companions of the Gauche Divine, the most influential editorial world, as well as the most outstanding creators. A series of personalities and artists that we want to thank for sharing this adventure. Without them, it would not have been possible.

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